Robert Wilks

robert wilks coach 2

Robert Wilks is Powerlifting Australia's National Coaching Director and the personal coach of almost all our hundreds of Champions. Robert coaches only the MUWPC Elite Squad (Monday & Thursday). To make the Elite Squad you need to have that special something in mind and body and be prepared to take yourself to the limit.

Janusz Kania

janusz coaching bench

 Janusz Kania is MUWPC's Development Squad (Tuesday & Friday) Coach and an expert in taking novices through to advanced level. If you have untapped potential for strength and technique development, Janusz will take you on the journey to Powerlifting achievement.

David Jame

david jame coach

David Jame is MUWPC’s specialist Coach for one-on-one tuition and achieving elite performance in your sport. Trainer to Melbourne Heart and other pro teams, David is an Australian Powerlifting Champion and muscle physiology research scientist. If you are seeking the latest in strength and conditioning, David can take you to the next level of fitness and achievement.

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