Blaine Sumner and Nick Tylutki visit the MUWPC!

The day after comp, Blaine and Nick grab a quick pic during Monday training

During their time in Melbourne, USA powerlifters and Pacific Invitational stars Nick Tylutki and Blaine Sumner dropped by the club to say “Hi” and to check out the facilities. Nick, a Minnesota police officer and member of Brad Gillingham’s legendary Jackal’s Gym team, dominated a 295kg raw squat and just missed the world record on 310kg in the 105kg class. Weighing in just a whisker under 160kg, big Blaine from Colorado managed to go one better, smashing world records with an unbelievable 400kg raw squat and 932.5kg raw total!

 Before the comp, Nick drops by for some light training, then heads off to his first AFL match!

Both are great guys as well as great lifters, signing t-shirts, thanking the volunteers, even offering to help pack up some of the gear and were very complimentary about the club and its members. The fact that the best in the business were impressed by the training set up we’ve got in the HWR, reminds all of us at the MUWPC, that we’ve got a lot to be
thankful for!

David Jame
MUWPC President

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