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 A Huge, Massive, Enormous THANK-YOU to all the helpers for the 2012 Raw Nationals and Pacific Invitational! Especially to the Melbourne Uni volunteer army that always shows up to make sure the job gets done, no matter what the size. I know there are still chalk bowls, a dais and odds and ends still in members’ cars/utes, but 95% of the gear was stowed by Monday night and that is an awesome effort considering I say there was over 3 tonnes to move! There were the usual heroes going well above and beyond the call of duty and some new faces who really stepped up to join the ranks as club legends. I dare not mention names for fear of leaving someone out and because there were so many, but you know who you are and on behalf of the MUWPC, every lifter I’ve spoken to and I’m sure Robert as meet director and PA, I sincerely thank-you all for helping put on a truly marvellous show, it couldn’t have happened without you!!!

David Jame
MUWPC President

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