During the warmer months of 2012, MUWPC found itself venturing into the ancient art of Karaoke. With 15 muscled diaphragms packed into a small private room, FM Lounge was always going to erupt.

Predicable favourites were trotted out alongside some more obscure Kenny Rogers and Dean Martin numbers. Little Nick showed us he’s not just a pretty face. Linh gave us a hint of his ballroom dancing credentials. And Laughing Girl Katherine managed to stifle her trademark cackle for close to half a song.

Performance of the night must certainly go to the disappointingly-superb Steve, who made a mockery of the rest of us with pitch-perfect, rock-solid delivery. Even his “exotic” mic holding technique – where he appeared to be singing to a pet turtle in his upturned palm – couldn’t taint the spectacle.

The night closed with an anthemic rendition of “Hey Jude”, which not only brought down the house but also the trousers of a rather loutish gate-crasher.

Next up for the MUWPC social calendar? Why boxing, of course. Speak to Catherine Green for more details re this event on June 29.

David Platzer

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