Marcus and Laura’s Farewell Dinner

 Melbourne’s loss is Perth’s gain! On very short notice, the Flanagans, or as Rob affectionately named them, “Mr and Mrs Irish” have moved across the country to W.A.! However, I’m told it’s only temporary. Even so, this is sad news for the MUWPC as Club Vice-President, Marcus and Property Officer, Laura, became almost instaneously integrated into the fabric of the club the moment they stepped through the door only 18 months ago. Both quickly made friends, trained hard, competed, took up roles on the committee, were an integral part of the 2010/11 nationals and PA’s live streaming of comps. Talk about hitting the ground running!

Melbourne seemed to agree with them too. In their short time here, Marcus added 75kg to his total and Laura added 25kg to hers… as well as their first child (Peach)! All signs point to there being plenty more in the tank too, kilograms that is, not children, well … they are Irish. Anyway, before this gets completely off track, I’d like to say thanks to those who made it to the Southbank farewell dinner on less than a day’s notice and thank-you to Marcus and Laura for all they’ve given to the club and the sport in such a short time!

On Behalf of the MUWPC: “Best Wishes ‘Mr and Mrs Irish’ (and Peach)!

We hope to have you back on the team soon!”

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