Australian Powerlifting Championships

Shock defeat! That was the fate of Melbourne University at the 2010 Australian Championships, the Club going down by 2 miserable points to Queensland University, courtesy of some unfortunate bombouts.

But before that there was another shock – Minh actually beat someone! (namely Phil the blind lifter, shades of the 1983 Worlds). This was at 67.5kg, immediately followed by a critical wipeout, fragile Neville Harris coming to grief on the Bench Press. Out in front in the 75kg class with a miraculous 685kg best ever, was Club associate member (no points though) Sean Muir.

Minh finishing up with a 217.5kg deadlift.

On to 82.5kg and things looked up. Ultra dedicated Chris Seville showed that virtue pays off, with talented newcomers edged out by his solid 687.5kg for a second title in a row. Back in 5th in a good standard field David Encino Man Platzer added another 40kg to his best, but spared most of the furniture and fittings in an unusually placid outing.

Up to 100kg and David Jame’s 330kg Australian Record Squat was a sensational, twisting repeat of the hard 321kg he did in April. David’s strength was not quite as good on the other two lifts, but 810kg was a good total at less than a full 100kg. Chris Schaerf stayed up at a tactical 103kg bodyweight but it didn’t matter, a bullish 272.5kg opening squat was dumped twice, then looked very good on a third attempt only for two referees to disagree, then a protest repeat being cut just high. The fizz was gone and Chris did only some passable Benches and Deadlifts, again with controversy as 280kg seemed to be still moving to lockout when the fateful ‘down’ came.

But out in front in the final session was newcomer Stephen Pritchard. His training didn’t look inspired but his lifting on the day was, with 8 successes and an enormous 940kg total for Best Lifter.

Stephen Pritchard Bench Pressing 270kg on his way to a 940kg total

The sometimes neglected Bench Press Championships produced some sparks too. Simon The Likeable Close needed 185kg to take the win, 17.5kg up on his best ever. The bar went up and up, there was the tiniest wiggle and tragedy, 2 reds. But fate evened the score later, Steve Little obliging with one of his regular bombouts and Noah Hannibal, non-compis after being mugged on the Friday night, came through with 180kg. When he comes to in about a week’s time, someone will tell Noah he won and he will be overjoyed.

Simon the Likeable pushing up 185kg

Back in another special event, Intervarsity, the Club lost out again, the mysteries of the Jame scoring method shunting us down to third. Very promising (although actually representing Deakin) Small Luke Helmke took out the 75s, whilst Adam Trudgeon benched well. Paris was there in body, if not spirit, to be pipped by only 377.5kg in the 100kg class.

Luke Helmke taking the intervarsity 75kg division

Next year will be back to the future, Melbourne and Rydges again. Organizing this year’s event took its toll with Sean The Penniless and Con Barbakas lifting more weight than any competitor in super-human efforts in building things and trucking weights in and out to set-up the venue. Also David Jame, Simon The Likeable, Small Luke and others were part of the crew there till 3.30am on Saturday and all still lifted well. Practice makes perfect and we will make the meet smoother and better next year.

– Robert Wilks

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