Competition Preparation Session

Thursday 11th of February 2010 (8pm)

An information and preparation session is being held for all those entering the February novice competition and anyone who’s after some extra comp day tips. Topics to be covered include: general comp proceedings, what to bring, what to wear, putting on bench shirts, squat/DL suits and knee wraps, making weight and much more.

Please read the information provided by Chris Seville in our Members’ Resources section beforehand (especially if this is your 1st or 2nd comp). The session will start at 8pm sharp, so if you wish to be involved, please get to training early so you’ll be finished in time (particularly if you are doing your DL doubles in a suit as it always takes longer than you think).

Please note:

– Experienced lifters who will be helping instruct during the session: Please bring anything you think will be of use.

– New lifters: If you want us to check your comp gear before the day, please make sure you bring everything you think you’ll use.


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