Parmas, Pots and Pool at P.A.’s!

Thanks to everyone who made an appearance at the ’09 MUWPC X-mas break-up function! After the last training session for the year a crew of 17 club members wandered down to the aptly chosen P.A.’s (Prince Alfred Hotel) to celebrate another great year for the MUWPC. Fortunately we got in just before the kitchen closed so the club was able to put on enough parmas and ‘barley sodas’ to keep everyone happy. We then made use of the pool tables to run a little knock-out pool tournament. Competitive spirits soon took over with almost everyone throwing their hat in the ring; even our enigmatic leader Robert Wilks joined in to make it a more distinguished affair.

Unfortunately as Robert rarely dabbles in the pastimes of “riff-raff”, his pool was about on par with his current squat technique and hence he was easily bundled out by Fiore in the first match. Despite there being some impressive cameos, the early favourites like “son-of-a-pool-shark” Mike Censori failed at the final hurdle and it came down to Fiore and Luke. Fiore, the wily veteran, used all his guile and cunning throughout the tournament – including drawing Wilks in the first round and getting a bye in the second – however, when it comes to riff-raff and their pursuits, there can only be one king, and, with victory to prove it, that title belongs to Luke.

I hope this was written in a suitably Wilksesque manner to match Robert’s comp summaries, but on a more serious note, I would like to thank everyone who helped out throughout the year with a special thanks to those who have put their hands up for committee positions in 2010. So congratulations to Luke Bainbridge, our current club pool champion, let’s hope we get to do it all again soon!


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