Q: Do I have to be a student at the University of Melbourne to join?

A: The Elite Squad is open to all those aiming to compete at the National or International level. Contact Robert Wilks at 0418 366 416 to consider your prospects.

A: The University Development Squad is reserved for Melbourne University students and graduates.

Q: Do you do Olympic Weightlifting as well as Powerlifting?

A: Powerlifting is our prime sport, we are also an AWF registered Club but WL training is off-campus.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Membership investments in the University Sports Centre are below commercial rates. Enquire during your first session.

Q: Can I come along to a training session just to check out the club?

A: Yes — just come in to one of our training sessions but inform the Coach on arrival that you just wish to observe.

Q: When does the club train?

A: Elite Squad 5.30-8.30pm Monday & Thursday

A: Development Squad 8-10pm Tuesday and 6-9pm Friday

Q: Do I have to be big/strong to join?

A: Powerlifting competition is conducted across all bodyweights, male and female, from local to international level. As long as you aim to make the most of yourself you will have a forum to compete.

Q: Will I be drug-tested?

A: Yes, quite likely via ASADA or SDTI.